GILDA BRASILEIRO - Against Oblivion

a feature documentary by Roberto Manhães Reis and Viola Scheuerer



cooming soon: Panorama Schweiz, 54. Solothurner Filmtage, Switerland, 2019

Screenings: 24.1. 20.30h Kino Palace /30.1. 12h Kino Palace

Competiton, 15º Festival de Cinema do Vale do Ivinhema, MS, Brazil, 18.11.-23.11.2018

Competition, Inaugural Smithsonian African American Film Fest, Washington DC, USA, 24.10.-27.10.2018

Competition Première Brasill, 20. Rio Int´l Film Festival, Brazil, 1.11.-11.11.2018

Competition New Directors, 42. São Paulo Int´l Film Festival, Brazil, 18.10.-31.10.2018



Gilda Brasileiro discovers documents about an illegal slave-trading point in the Brazilian rainforest. Whereas none of the locals want to remember the past, the daughter of a Jewish woman and Afro-Brazilian man finds it unacceptable. Despite the abolition of the transatlantic slave trade in 1831, hundreds of thousands of enslaved Africans continued to be taken to Brazil. A strong woman goes out in search of memory and history in the world largest coffee-growing region in the 19th century. Photos of enslaved men, women and children on plantations provide a disconcerting understanding of a distant time.


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